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FaxFile allows you to send the documents files on your blackberry phone to any fax machine by simply selecting the file and entering the fax number. No account setup or subscription is required.

FaxFile supports faxing PDF and Microsoft office word documents. It also supports faxing images in PNG and JPG formats, such as the images saved by your phone's camera (if your phone has one).

How it works

There are two ways to start faxing a file.

The first way is to start FaxFile and use its built-in file browser to select the file you wish to send.

The second way is to select a file in another application, such as the camera application, and then open them menu and find the Send sub-menu to send the file to FaxFile. On email messages, you can find FaxFile on the menu directly to fax an email attachment.

Once a file has been selected, FaxFile will ask you to select one or more recipients. Either enter their fax numbers or pick them from your contact list. Once they have been added, you can click send.

At that point, FaxFile will use your internet connection to setup a fax job. When the job has been setup, FaxFile will inform you and the main interface will close. In the background, FaxFile will first transfer your file to the central servers where it will be converted in to a fax image. If you have sufficient credits, the fax will be sent immediately. If not, a notification will be sent to your phone so you can select how many credits you wish to purchase and enter your billing information.

When your fax has been sent (or has failed after multiple retries), a message will be sent to the SMS or email address you entered for fax status messages.

Getting Started

If you are viewing this on your blackberry, you can get started right now by downloading the FaxFile blackberry application using the following link. There is no cost to get started.

Download FaxFile