FaxFile allows you to easily fax documents directly from your phone or tablet. Getting started is easy, no account setup or subscription is required. Just select a file and enter a fax number, purchase some fax credits, and send your fax!

FaxFile supports faxing PDF and Microsoft Word documents. It also supports faxing images in PNG and JPG formats (like the ones saved by your camera).

How it works

While viewing a document or image, you can select the share or send-to option to send it to FaxFile, or start up FaxFile and select the file using the FaxFile file browser. Enter a fax number and press Send!

FaxFile will use your device's internet connection to transfer the file to our fax servers where it will automatically be converted in to a faxable format. We will then call the number and send your fax.

If your fax doesn't send on the first try, we will automatically retry in a few minutes. You can check the FaxFile status screen at any time to see the current state of your fax.

Getting Started

FaxFile is currently available for Android, iphone, ipad, ipod, and BlackBerry devices.

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