FaxFile allows you to send a fax using only your phone or tablet. No hardware or complicated account setup is required, just pick a file, a fax number, and purchase some fax credits - your fax will be sent!

FaxFile supports faxing PDF and Microsoft Word documents. It also supports faxing images in PNG and JPG formats (like the ones saved by your camera).

How it works

While viewing a document or image, you can select the share or send-to option to send it to FaxFile. You can also use the built in photo browser or take a new photo directly from FaxFile. Then enter a fax number and press continue. Verify you fax details, purchase credits if necessary, and press Send!

FaxFile uses your device's internet connection to transfer your files and fax details to our fax servers where it we convert your documents and images in to faxable formats. We will then call the number for you and send your fax.

And don't worry, if the recipient has a problem and your fax doesn't send on the first try, we will automatically retry in a few minutes (and will continue retrying after that if they still aren't ready). You can check the FaxFile status screen at any time to see the current state of your fax.

Getting Started

FaxFile is available for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad on the Apple App Store as a free application - FaxFile store listing. After installing FaxFile, you will need to purchase in-app fax credits (purchased through the app store) to send a fax.

FaxFile may also be available for other devices, check the FaxFile general page for more information.

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